Wendy Williams lost her 50 pounds weight

Last month, The Wendy Williams Show’s presenter revealed that she lost 50 pounds in her subsequent program and shared her advice with viewers. Her healthy lifestyle has been attributed to “a lot of heart disease” and” Pilates “, as well as an uneaten diet.

When a fan wrote for advice on her diet, Williams said she cut off meat, refined sugars and dairy products from her diet. However, they do not miss eating eggs. “I do not like food as much as I used to,” Williams said, adding that he did not eat after dark. Maintaining its size is not limited to healthy eating; it also comes with the required gym time.

“I’m going to the gym because it’s not about me trying to lose weight right now, it’s about fighting heart disease,” 51-year-old said. “Everyone needs to run their hearts, at least once a week.”

“Williams is suffering from a lot of heart disease, and also Pilates because it involves going to bed and relaxing,” she joked. “He underwent liposuction and abdominal tightening more than 20 years ago.” I cannot say that made me lose weight because I has lost 50 lbs. Within three years, which I find amazing. Because, of all the crazy diets that were, and as effective as [tell me myself, “just counting, fat, just stop eating too much,” she said. “I do not like food as much as I used to,” said Williams, who stopped eating refined sugars, dairy products and evening and “learned other good habits like juices.”

“All the crazy diets that I was working on, none of which were as effective as” push the fat back and stop eating too much. “

She added that she had also cut an extra tender, explaining that “tuna does not need a lot of miracle whip and extra cheese.” Wendy said the milk came out, but she did not like the milk of cannabis much and lacked eggs. Her diet renews her passion: she eats a lot of turnips, mixed with apples when she’s bored. She ate rapeseed instead of potato chips and left her favorite San Pellegrino to drink coconut water. “It’s strange now there are bubbles on my tongue,” she said.

Your new diet also consists of many tomatoes, many green peppers, and many onions. She also likes to have “wheat pasta with red sauce”. The advice for those who want to lose weight is: “Slow and steady is the name of the game, it will not happen overnight.”

Williams admitted that he had been on a diet all his life, but he found the greatest success now because she learned to take his time.

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