Weight Lose Story: How Holly Madison lost 19 pounds

The former beauty and flash star of Playboy from Girls Next Door has spent months avoiding the gym and scale. Here is how the pump shape recovered and recovered.

Challenge Holly

After winning the lead role at Peephow at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas in 2009, Holly Madison felt confident that the five-night comedic performance a week would help her stay fit and relaxed. “I thought I could eat what I wanted and burn it during the show,” she says. But thanks to the craving for sugar and agreeing to the book that asked her to taste the most sloppy restaurant meals in town, Holly occupied 19 lbs in 18 months.

The American television personality also shared that the craving for pregnancy is different this time. When I was pregnant the last time, I craved healthy food choices like cranberries and green juices. Now you cannot cut green juice because it makes you feel nauseous. They eat lots of carbohydrates and fast food like pizza these days.

After the birth of the rainbow, the new mother was eager to return to form. Take care of his body during pregnancy, eat healthy foods and work regularly. She even received many compliments because she was not pregnant, but that was for her belly. Holly felt she had not won a pound. But after the pregnancy, she had a big belly and did not feel at all. He had to wait a long time before he could use his weight.

Unlike many celebrities, Madison took 11 months to lose 30 pounds of child weight. She had a multi-page publication “Body after Baby” in a national magazine six weeks after birth. He did it because he hoped to wear a bikini, even if he had a few pounds, he could do it without him.

With her career in full swing and her body back to the Playboy ratios, Holly says she feels comfortable in her skin again. “These days, I’m slim and fit and I still carry the wonderful curves I always love!”

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