Training routine for beginners

Being a beginner is not easy, and you often feel overwhelmed in information, no matter what you intend to do. The physical form is no different. Yes, you have taken the decision to start improving your health and physical body, but what do we do now? In this article, we will talk about the best routine exercise for beginners. We will try to explain it in the simplest way possible, because the path to fitness is exactly that. The steps are easy to follow and do one by one. The only problem is the dedication necessary to continue doing it forever. But let’s leave it to you.

Are you a Beginner?

If you have not originated before, or have done it for a month or two, since three years, you are a Beginner. The most experienced types of gymnastics often say that a beginner is someone who cannot lift his body weight in squat, bench or body. But the truth is you are a beginner if you feel this way. However, it is best to be a beginner in fitness more than anything else. “The gains for beginners” are real, and everything you do once you start exercising will show tremendous results. Unfortunately, this route will not last long, but it is a great boost to your motivation when you see that your body is changing rapidly.

The best way for Beginners

Because most beginners are weak, small and have body fat at the same time, their best method is to focus on increasing strength. By focusing only on adding more weight to the tape, you can lift more (of course), but also expand the frame and put the muscle. The old school approach “must be strong if you want to be great” and still true to this day. By increasing your strength, you will gain muscle mass, because that happens no matter what you are when you are a beginner. In addition, power training burns many calories and new muscles that are formed burn more. By training the strength and recovery afterwards, the fat will also burn and leaves this slim skin-nub appearance. However, it is also necessary to include heart disease in your routine, not only because of its additional fat burning effects but also because of your strength and overall health.

Go full Body

To enhance yourself, you should focus on large bar movements with full body, such as squatting, deadlifts and pistons. Must also include dominant or controlling rows and bar. As for isolates, such as biceps, triceps and the like, skipping it, they will do it later, when they become stronger. The above compound movements will impose a lot of taxes on your central nervous system and require a good recovery. Also, all these exercises also hit your arms, your exercises, and the beginning; you do not need to think too much.


When you try to develop strength and muscle, you must have a strong diet. You need to feed this growing muscle activity, so you must have a slight surplus of calories. If your main goal is to lose weight, this type of training is not for you. Trying to build up a deficit in calories is not smart. Your body will not have the basic building blocks to recover from the exercises, and you will feel deprived of energy. Your diet should be full of proteins. Get at least 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight, every day. Use protein shake if you cannot meet the target through food. Focus on proteins and fats, eating eggs, cheese, meat and non-starchy vegetables. Do not be afraid of carbohydrates, as long as they are good for you. Vegetables are full of fiber and fruits with vitamins (just stay in natural limits). The only thing you should cut from your diet is soda. This is completely useless, and does not fill you; it is full of sugar and does not help you. You can eat a piece of chocolates or a slice of pizza once, twice a week at most, but you should stay away from soft drinks. As for alcohol, drinking beer on Friday nights is good, but do not overdo it.

Training routine for beginners

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