The “Superwoman” arms of Jennifer Lopez can be your own with this training tool

The whole world realizes that Jennifer Lopez has great powers in terms of fitness. After all, she is almost 50 years old and has a 20-year-old genetically blessed body. On Wednesday, the 49-year-old shared a picture of her incredibly buff biceps on Instagram, asserting that she was not only a super hero but feels like a superhero.

“I feel like I’m a super woman after tonight’s show,” Lopez wrote beside a picture of her breathing in a tight brown dress and showing the muscles of her arms. While every inch of his body and face were impeccable, the upper part of his body was the one who stole the thunder. Her muscles seemed crazy, to say the least.

Lopez went on to explain that he devoted himself to the promotion rather than allowing her to influence her health during her stay in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood, which was closed on September 29. She wrote, but I promised myself that I would be stronger in the end rather than let her exhaust me … I will exercise and be in the best shape of my life …”

“There were times when I was tired, I was traveling and I had to adjust my exercises where I could … but here we have only 3 offers left!” I have a lot of feelings, but overall I feel strong, happy and grateful. “

Jennifer Lopez’s arm runs the Secret

Lopez told that she was practicing “three or four times a week”. When she is in New York, she worked with celebrity coach David Kirsch, and in Los Angeles with Tracy Anderson. “I love the balance that gives me.” They have two completely different approaches; I like to change it with my body. “

In 2017, a fitness fanatic shared some snaps of the upper body exercise on Instagram. In it, some serious biceps were made in the biceps with a resistance band. Kirsch said health that the movement was called the resistance row on the curve with curl. In addition to enhancing the upper body, it maintains movement and also helps tighten and harmonize the quad, bark and pulp. In general, divided by resistance teams, such a group of huge sale in the Amazon, because the exercises can be easily carried out in a short time in the gym and are “removable”. Lopez is likely to have one or two games with her in her wing in Las Vegas!

According to Anderson, her method of training the upper part of the body with J.Lo is “free style,” making a three-pound arm weights with “back and thigh movements that integrate the core.”

It also helps that the physical situation is not just something Lopez involves from time to time. In addition to weekly exercises, exercise is only part of your lifestyle. Her friend Alex Rodriguez told People in 2017 that they love to work together, inside and outside the gym. “I and Jennifer mix it up,” he said. “We like to lift up and like to ride the bike, she’s a talented athlete.”

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