The best routine to lose weight

There are many legends that surround the issue of weight loss. Many people think that there is a magical exercise, or a treat or supplement that would throw those terrible pounds. The bottom line is that you need proper rest, nutrition and exercise if you want to lose weight. During exercise, perform a combination of cardio exercise and strength training. Both play an important role in weight loss.

The Basics

To lose weight, you should provide your body with adequate comfort and nutrition. You must master the basics before you can lose weight and keep it forever. Get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Try to sleep and sleep at constant times every day. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free proteins, and fat-free or low-fat notes. Avoid as many processed foods as possible. Do not skip meals.


Cardiovascular exercise is essential to lose weight. It is effective for burning calories and body fat. Start the exercise on an oval machine. Press the device in front of the display and press Quick Start. Grab the leash and start the pedal forward. Pedal for five minutes in a mild resistance to warm up. Increase your level for further resistance and continue the pedal for 20 minutes to train you. Once finished, count down to the level and pedal for another five minutes to cool.


Regular strength training will increase lean muscle mass. The leaner muscle mass you have the faster metabolism work and your body to burn more calories. Bending is a great exercise exercises force that targets the lower back, glutes, quad, and hamstrings and legs. Stand upright with my feet shoulder width away, hold the bar behind your neck. Inhale through the nose, hold your chest, press the center and slowly lower your hips until your knees are bent at 90 degrees angles. Your knees should not stand on your toes. Exhale and lift your hips back to the starting point. Make four sets of eight repetitions. If you cannot do each repetition ideally, use lighter weight.

Bench Press

Bench Press bench exercise is great strength training. Go to your chest, shoulders, and triceps. First, lie down on the bench with your back on the bench and feet resting on the floor. Keep your fingers pointing forward? Understand the bar with your elbows slightly bent and display the hands spaced between your hands. Lift the frame bar and place it directly on your chest. Inhale through the nose and slowly lower the weight until gently touching the chest. Exhaled by mouth and lift the weight back to the starting point. Make four sets of eight repetitions. If you cannot do each repetition ideally, use lighter weight.

Wide Grip Pullups

The pressure points on the wide belt point to the dorsal, middle back and biceps. Grab a strip pulled out with palm trees and hands covered apart. Exhale by mouth and lift the trunk until it touches the chest strap. Keep your body directly under the penis throughout the exercise. Inhale through the nose and lower the trunk slowly to the initial position until your legs are fully stretched. Make four sets of eight repetitions. If you cannot perform each repetition ideally, ask for help from a partner or use an assisted extraction machine.


Cycling is a great strength training exercise for you, which acts as a foundation for your body. Lie down on the mat with your back against it. Without pulling hard, place your hands behind your head. Lift one of her knees and one of the elbows until you reach the middle and touch her in the middle of your chest. Continue to change the legs and elbows in a bicycle movement for 30 seconds. Breathe slowly and naturally throughout this exercise. Make four strings, one minute break for each.

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