Tamra Judge Food Diary: Food secrets to body conversion

Less than six months ago, the stars of the Real housewives in Orange County decided they wanted to convert her body. Now, the four-year-old mother has won her first muscle-muscle competition, but she does not do it to win the championships. “For me, they never tried to go to the theater and win,” says the judge, People, 48. “It was more about setting my goal and completing it – that’s what I did. That was the equivalent part.” What has already caused the decision to set this goal?

“I was at the age when many bodies of women had started going through menopause and saw some changes in my body and I did not like it,” says the judge. As a result, the judge began training with her. I broke the fitness lounge with Coach Mia Finnegan and soon decided that she wanted to improve things and compete. “For competitions, I always wanted to do one, but I never had the tools to do it,” says the judge. “Going to the gym is one thing, but this is another level … This is like bodybuilding.” You have to train completely different from that. “

“So I started training with [Finnegan] pretty much over the past five months and I began to see how my body changed,” the judge continued. ? What did I do? “There was a lot of work and then what happened. [Finnegan] said:” And it was not taken every once in a while and sometimes discouraged I think. “What I did for my body [in five months] usually takes a year.” The judge ended up losing 16 percent of body fat and falling to about 111 pounds. With intensive exercises and a strict diet.

“I woke up at about 4:30 am and i would do low intensity cardio at home,” the judge said. “Then you find me [Finnegan] and they will help me lift things I like to do parts of the body elements, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps or two body parts we almost always do crunches .. we do workout every day.” The judge says … “I often eat oatmeal in the morning with mulberry and then it was four white whites then I go and I wish to exercise, go home, I would like to take AdvoCare after the workout drink‚Äôs take many supplements, but I “He said.

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