Results with Lucy: The Physical Condition, Health and Exercise of Lucy Mecklenburgh

The transformation of the reality star has made the physique easily organized, and there is nothing to stop Lucy Mecklenburg. The former star of TOWIE, 24, who runs his own fitness site, regularly shows her an enviable body tone in social networking, sharing the secrets behind his thin physique with female femme. Fitness lovers admit that fitness makes a priority, exercising most of the week with little motivation from her boyfriend, Louis Smith.

“I practice 4-5 days a week, but I relax if I have a busy week,” she said. “I always mix, otherwise you will not be bored diversity is the key to maintaining the motivation  …” That’s why I set up my practice site results that has more than 300 exercises so you can choose. Pilates and HIIT are my favorite. “Of course, a rigorous exercise plan goes hand in hand with a healthy diet and Lucy is very careful with your eating plan.

Start your day with eggs, usually spinach, sweet potatoes or smoked salmon. For lunch, I would have a quinoa salad with tuna steak, and for a dinner I love the Bolognese of courgetti. Lucy also takes sips of mint tea, water during the day and sandwiches of fruit, almonds and edamame. “I love black chocolate with coconut after dinner,” she said about his favorite treatment. In addition, it helps both her and her boyfriend Olympic gymnast Olympic athlete Louis clean eater. “We both cook,” she said. “We really like to cook, it’s good in things like steaks and I like to try healthy recipes.” We do very different exercises, but it is good that we have a mutual love and know how important the lives of others are.

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