Learn how to Lose Weight quickly from People

If you are looking for direct advice on how to lose weight in a healthy way, these three girls may have the answer. Some even lose more than 80 pounds, without having to spend a lot of money on expensive meals or training sessions. The main advice offered by the three dieters is not to starve, maintain a balanced diet, and try to make your new diet a life option, rather than a temporary procedure designed only to lose weight in the short term.

Kate McGinty Lost 74 lbs.

Kate McGinty, 33, is a news editor in Cincinnati, Ohio. I managed to lose 74 lbs. by participating in a special liability group on Facebook (there are also similar groups on other sites). These types of groups are growing in popularity and are excellent places for people who have the same thinking to support each other through the process of losing weight or abstaining from any type of addiction.

All members of the group began to assume Kate’s responsibility by implementing the same nursing program, the 21-Day Fix. The goal of the exercise is for everyone to do so in their living room, and it should only take 30 minutes a day so that busy people with long working days can participate and lose weight.

Tiffany lost 84 pounds after commitment to diet for life

Tiffany Elizabeth is a 26-year-old girl from Clearwater, Florida. Try to lose weight for many years, but without little success. She managed to change things as soon as her expectations changed in her life and body. It was only when she decided to make a healthy diet part of her lifestyle that he made a breakthrough in his weight loss process.

“This time, I decided I needed a lifestyle with it,” Tiffany said. In the past, I felt that if I could not lose at least one pound a day, the diet would not be worth it. This is not the case with her now. With its new diet, all the bread, pasta, cakes and donuts were cut. To resist seduction, she has also ruled out all gluten and dairy products in her life.

Katarzyna from Poland lost 30 lbs.

Katarzyna comes from Poland, and although she has lost the least weight of the three outstanding women, weight loss is still a success story that can help many people. She is 23 years old and comes from Gniezno, a small town in Poland. Initially, she began training with a DVD for aerobics and went to work eventually with a personal trainer.

The main advice she wish to give to people who are looking to get in shape is not starving them. Do not deprive your diet of the foods you enjoy and need to be healthy. “There is no hunger diet, it’s very stupid, after not eating anything, you eat more than you need and you do not have the energy,” she says. At the end of the interview, she also said that you should not be afraid to eat something with friends at times, no matter what they eat.

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