Kelly Price shares the Journey to Lose Weight

R & B singer Kelly Price loses weight and invites all her fans to her amazing journey. At the end of 2015, the former star R & B Divas L.A. she took the opportunity to start his struggle with her weight over the years and renew his commitment to be healthier and happier. With the launch of Instagram on New Year’s Eve, the singer Heartbreak Hotel published a separate photo in April 2015 with its weakest number in December 2015.

A mother of two said her weight gain in the first months of 2015 was a result of her depression over the death of her sister in 2014. “Sometimes you have to lose to win; sometimes you have to win to lose.

“I lost my sister in 2014 and I was depressed and did not want to admit it, but it appeared in my body and started weight that I have not carried in years.” “I lost focus, I lost perspective and I acquired bad habits and extra pounds,” he revealed.

“A senior executive told me:” You have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard, but nobody wants to see a pretty girl sing. “It was eating that made me wait, the times when I ate what I ate, I also had very slow metabolism, all of which made me gain weight fast.”

So with this knowledge, Kelly was still not losing weight the right way. When Tradgedy hit his family, his mother and mother-in-law were ill, and that affected the health of the family and Kelly. “Immediately after the show, we had to take a plane to Texas or take another plane to see my mother-in-law before her death, and then take a plane to New York to check on the children, I was worried, angry and hurt.”

Kelly learned an important lesson. “For me, to keep my weight under a certain number, I will always have to use my cell phone in motion to promote metabolism.”

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