How did Claire Richards lose six stones?

How did Claire Richards lose six stones

Claire Richards made a new and unprecedented low. The singer recently revealed a size of 10, a big shift two years ago, when the beautiful tree weighs about 15 stones and bounces as measured 20. A mother of two has emerged from the scene of Lorraine when he showed his stunning weight loss, as well as shorter hair. It has recently dropped from size 20 to size 8 and is committed to keeping weight forever. 38, has always been frank about her problems with food and has not lost weight. “I almost did not leave my home for four years,” as revealed in the past. “I started eating, started to get fat and got fat and then started dieting and lost a lot of weight, and then I went back in.” The CBB house became like a 20 curve, but it seemed safer than ever.

However, only a few months later revealed the figure of the size of 16, insisted that she is no longer interested Yo-Yo dieting, and admitted that she is now more than happy with her personality. “I’ve done a lot of diets over the years and realized that everything I do is a food obsession. I’ll never go on a diet to eat anything… and everything, but I have to be careful about the size of my share alone,” she told the Daily Mirror. 36 years to a healthy size 12, a huge loss of six stones in only nine months.

She put on weight loss by wanting to visualize another child with her husband Reece. “I will not get a DVD exercise, I’m not making a miracle diet, and I do not have the secret of losing weight and staying slim.” “This time there is a personal reason [for my weight loss] and very personal for me, but my husband and me … We decided we wanted to try another child and that she was overweight and caused me a lot of problems.”

“So I went to see a doctor and advised me to lose weight, so this is the only reason I did that time.” Claire, who has been relatively out of sight since his time at the CBB, returned with vengeance. Recently shared some of her new look, including a shorter hairstyle with instagram followers, which shows that she managed to maintain weight. “I hope I have broken the cycle, but I think I learned the lesson saying, ‘This time it’s for good’ was the size of the parts is always falling.”

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