How did Charlize Theron lose weight after the “monster”?

How did Charlize Theron lose weight after the "monster"?

Theron won more than 30lbs to play Aileen Wuornos, the serial killer in Monster, the Oscar-winning role. They were able to achieve weight gain by eating many Krispy Kreme cakes. Theron claimed that gaining weight was not his only goal. To gain weight,she had to completely change his lifestyle and believed that lifestyle changes mimicked his personality better, allowing him to play a better role. Surprisingly, she might lose all his weight when he first showed the film. People looking to lose weight should make changes in lifestyle, such as changes in diet and participation in moderate daily exercise.

Charlize Theron won 30 lbs and Oscar to play the role of weapons killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster. Theron was pragmatic in weight, saying: “It was not about getting fat, Aileen was not greasy, Aileen was suffering from scars in her lifestyle, and if I went to make this film with my body, I’m very athletic, I know if you felt things Which Ellen felt in her body, it was about getting to a place where she felt closer to how Aileen lived.”

Charlize Theron’s meals are located all over the map. I have eaten 30 pounds worth of cakes and chips to represent the serial killer Aileen Wuornos in “Monster”. Have you eaten? Well, almost nothing to portray a dying woman in a “sweet November”. A typical daily diet, when not preparing for the role of a film, moves from fresh fruit to meat and eggs.

Charlize Theron goes to the extreme when you need to lose weight. It is not known what specific foods Theron ate to lose weight after filming “Monster”, but it is said that he ate only two small meals a day. She also cut the alcohol.

In fact, regular meals are usually cut off when you need to lose weight. For his role in Sweet November, Theron refused to eat and refused to eat anything after 5pm. Cut off all starches and alcohol. Perhaps the elimination of most carbohydrates is why Charlize said she felt weaker and unlike her usual sports condition. * Charlize Theron has always been a sportsman. She was trained as a ballet dancer, but she often enjoyed squash and ice skating. Theron also does a lot of yoga and takes long periods.

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