Home Fitness Workout and Details

Home Fitness Workout

You do not need a large and elegant gym to get fit. In fact, you do not need any equipment. Burn calories and build muscle at home with this simple fitness workout.

It is easy to assemble a home gym that takes up a small space. But if you (or your partner) do not even want to mess up in your home or if you need a mobile training, a new window opens. This can be done in hotel rooms, airports or even outside. , It is possible to create an intensive exercise only with your body weight.

Of course, the more body weight, the more challenging the training. This is good news, because you will lose weight as you progress. You will save time; otherwise, you will go to the gym and save money instead of forcing money for membership. It will eventually be near your own kitchen, so you can set up recovery vibration after exercise.

Here are some home fitness workouts.

Superman Fitness Workout

Start position: Lie on your belly (face down) on a mat with your legs stretched, then bend your ankles slightly toward the plane (your toes are off the legs), and extend your arms over your head with the palm of your hands to each other. Relax your head to match it with your column.

Upward phase: Exhaling, contracting the abdominal and central muscles to stabilize the spine and lengthening both hips slowly (lifting both legs) a few centimeters from the ground while simultaneously lifting the arms a few centimeters from the ground. Keep your legs and arms extended and avoid any rotation in each one. Keep your head and trunk position, avoid the braces in the back or lift the head. Hold this position briefly.

Downstream: Inhale the legs and arms gently to the starting position without any movement in the lower back or hips.


Initial situation: kneel on the mat or on the floor and put your feet behind you.

Slowly tilting forward to put the arms of the hands on the mat, put the shoulder width of the hands apart from the fingers facing forward or turned slightly into the inside. Slowly move your weight forward until your shoulders are placed directly on your hands. Rest your hands when necessary to allow full extension of your body without bending your hips and knees. Strengthen the trunk contracting its central / abdominal muscles (“strengthening”), the muscular muscles and the thigh muscles and align its head with the spine. Place your feet with your elbows towards the back (toes point to the legs).

Downward phase: Slowly lower your body to the ground while maintaining a stiff trunk and a harmonious head with your spine. Do not let the lower back bend or hips rise during this stage down. Continue cutting down to hold your chest or chin mat / floor. Allow the elbows to open outward during the descent phase.

Up phase: Press up through your arms while maintaining a stiff trunk and a harmonious head with your spine. For more power, think of pushing the land away from you. Do not let the lower back bend or hips rise. Continue pressing until the arms are fully extended in the elbows.

The alternative is to rotate the hands forward and keep the elbows near the sides during the downward phase. This moves the focus from the chest muscles to the triceps and can reduce tension in the shoulder joint.

Pressing through the heel and outer surface of your palm provides greater strength in the pressure and stability in your shoulders.

Front Plank Fitness Workout

Start position: Lie down (upside down) on exercise mat or floor, elbows near the sides and directly under the shoulders, palms down and hands. Hold your thigh muscles to extend your legs and dorsiflexion your ankles (pull your fingers towards your legs). Hold the middle muscles and abdomen to harden the trunk.

Upward: Lift the trunk completely from the ground or rug, and keep the trunk and legs solid. Avoid curving (sinking) at the lower back, walking (up) hips or bending knees. Avoid placing the mask and keeping it in place directly on the elbows. Keep breathing while carrying this position for a specified period (more than 5 seconds).

Downward: While keeping the trunk and knees stretched, gently lower your body to a mat or floor before relaxing.

If you have pain in your lower back with this movement, stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor.

Side Plank Fitness Workout

Starting position: Lie on your right side on an exercise mat with your left leg. Wear your right leg directly and flex your knees in a relaxed position. Lift the upper part of the body to rely on the right arm, the right elbow should be bent at 90 degrees and placed directly under your shoulder. Align the head with the spine and keep the hips and bottom of the knee in contact with the exercise mat.

Top Stage: Exfoliate, contract your biceps / muscles gently to stiffen your spine and lift your hips off the mat, but keep in touch with your knees and head aligned with your spine.

Reduction phase: Inspiration and gentle return to your initial location.

Exercise Diversity: You can increase exercise intensity by increasing your time in high position.

Reverse Crunch Fitness Workout

Initial position: Lie down on the mat with the knees and feet bent on the floor and the arms extended side by side with the palm down. Gently exfoliate, stiffen your torso by tightening the abdominal / pulp muscles (“reinforcements”) and slowly lift your feet off the ground, lifting your knees directly on your hips while maintaining a 90 degree curvature in the knees. Fill this position and breathe normally. Use your arms as a balance support.

Ascension stage: Exhaling, contracting the abdominal muscles, middle and tendon, lifting slowly from the hips, pulling the spine as if trying to bring the knees to the head (must move the hips and pelvis towards the rib cage). Avoid any change in the angle of the knees during rotation. Use your arms and your hands to help maintain balance and continue to wrinkle until the spine cannot undo. Hold this position briefly.

Downstream: Inhalation and gently lower your spine gently to the pelvis in a controlled manner, and move the thighs backwards until they are placed directly on the hips. Continue rolling until the spine and pelvis (hips) with the mat hit your knees directly on your hips with a 90 degree curve with your lower leg.

The appropriate form is important when doing this workout to avoid excessive stress in the lower back. When you return to your initial position during repetition, control the movement of your leg, making sure that your knees do not move beyond your hips, but should return to their position directly on your hips. As the abdominal muscles connect the rib cage to the pelvis, the focus of the movement must be to pull the pelvis towards the rib cage.

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