If you have tried a diet, followed a relentless exercise regimen or if you eat well but nothing changes those extra pounds, think again! It is widely documented that some alternative therapies can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

One of the most commented (and most successful) cupping is to lose weight. You may wonder why all conventional weight loss methods stop working after a while. Well, one of the main reasons is that after the age of 25, your metabolism starts to fall.

Starting at the age of twenty, your body begins to lose fat burning tissue, which means that fat stops burning just as easily. Cupping helps restore the energy your body needs to change those fat cells. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is designed to promote weight loss faster as long as you are a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

In a generation where maximum attention is paid to fitness, people are always looking for the latest and most effective ways to lose weight. Hijama or cupping, the method of placing cups and creating suction at certain points of the person’s body, has been found to be a very effective way to lose weight.

It is likely that many people do not consider the idea of ​​being cut with a surgical blade as convenient in their search for weight control. However, the option exists and one can also have Dry Hijama instead of Wet Hijama which can also provide a control mechanism, which allows the person to deal with hunger cravings with more long-term success. However, drying Hijama (cupping) may take weight loss more effectively than Wet Hijama.


Skinny Weight Loss in Hijama


Weight gain was found to be directly related to emotions. Apart from physical hunger, people are looking for a huge chocolate bar or a large plate of burgers and fried potatoes because of the comfortable feeling derived from food and food. Overweight is often an emotional problem, not just a physical problem. You may not realize this, but you tend to eat more when you are under pressure, discomfort or stress.

In Hijama, specific points in the body correspond to acupuncture points; these points are associated with specific areas of the body and when activated, the person will achieve a greater sense of inner balance. Because these points are raised through the suction process because it not only increases blood circulation and bad blood is drawn to the surface, some hormones are also released throughout the body. These substances help you control hunger and effectively control the desire to eat a heavy meal.

How Hijama Induces Weight Loss


Most practitioners of Hijama will point to the points behind the ear when it comes to promoting weight loss. When these points are stimulated behind the ear, endorphins are released in large doses. Endorphins are called hormones to feel comfortable, also known as natural painkillers and analgesics. The release of endorphins is what makes you feel better after a higher level of physical activity, as in the case of good training.

These body compounds allow the person to experience better relaxation, thus greatly easing stress. There is a greater possibility of losing weight better when the patient has already achieved emotional well-being. Endorphins are also released when the body experiences low levels of body pain, acting as a natural pain reliever.

People, who undergo even wet damping, i.e., blood passing through surgical blade or acupuncture needles, usually suffer from mild or no pain, because the spots are slightly different and much larger than those acupuncture points, which are located near nerve endings and muscle tissues. If the person is drier or wet in both cases, signals are sent to the brain, encouraging the release of endorphins from the pituitary gland.

There are many other points in the body that act as access doors to improve weight control. One of these places promotes low individual appetite, while another has the potential to reduce water retention in the body. Hijama practitioner can choose a multi-goal approach, as per the person’s requirements.

How does Cupping Treatment work


When suction is applied to the skin, the reverse pressure causes the cellulite to break. The blood circulation is activated and the fat and toxins that are released are transferred to the lymphatic drainage network. Since vacuum therapy promotes more efficient discharge of the lymph nodes, these toxins are quickly eliminated from the body. It is also known that cupping facilitates the ropes that bind the skin and muscle. In this way, the accumulation of fluid is reduced and the skin develops a healthier appearance free of cellulite.

Cupping to reduce Spot

While traditional methods of weight loss do not work in specific areas of the body, it is also known that cupping helps reduce stains. Patients may seek treatment to remove the drooping buttocks, slabs, soft thighs and other love handles. Cups are applied simply to patient body areas that need treatment.

Consult the Hijama Professional Therapist

At present, there are many practitioners of Hijama who provide a large number of services. If you are considering this type of treatment to control your weight, make sure that you are not less than a specialist and trained in Hijama. A well-trained person may not be able to point to specific points of meridian lines, and worse, it may cause unnecessary pain and aches for the body.

In addition, the therapist may need an herbal supplement to your treatment, to encourage long-term effect. You do not need to maintain your sessions for an extended period; however, you may want to visit your therapist throughout the course.

There are other ways to successfully lose weight, and this does not include exhausting diets and exhausting exercises. If carried out by trained professionals, Hijama can be an effective weight control solution. Although it is not a cure for all, it may be the right solution for weight loss.

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