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Fitness Girls

Fitness is a hot topic at this time. People admire the slim and tanned fitness girls and seek to emulate their physical fitness. See how happy these girls are and realize that they also want to lose a few kilograms and reduce the risk of premature death.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, you can watch some sports videos and exercise in front of your TV. However, the world has come a long way since then, and we have a new generation of fitness models in Instagram which show the world how you can live a healthier lifestyle.

Social pay well describes the change in why fitness trainers must be on Instagram! Instagram is now the “in place” for fitness girls and coaches, and many of them have an incredible number of followers. However, the main reason for the importance of Instagram is not the picture. Fitness girls are on the platform because they provide them with an easy way to communicate with their followers, who can encourage them to move forward and achieve their fitness goals.

This can be as simple as sharing pictures of a healthy breakfast, with a title associated with the recipe. It can be a video tutorial on how to perform a particular exercise. Or can be before and after shots, to stimulate people to lose weight.

Some Instagram fitness girls are more “physical,” while others are more “models” who enjoy the sport with their nice, healthy bodies. The only common feature is that the Instagram 10 fitness models are incredibly popular and have at least four million followers.

Sommer Ray

Fitness Girls

Sommer Ray, 21, was born in Colorado in the United States. She is relatively new in fashion shows, starting posting her own photos and videos in September 2016. She became a star in Instagram in a short time.

She is from an appropriate family: her parents were competitive bodybuilders. This means that the family regularly traveled to compete in fitness programs.

Over time, the family settled in Lone Tree, Colorado. In 2012, at the age of 15, Sommer decided to follow the family tradition and began to lift weights. In one year, his body showed the benefits of his regular exercises. Competition began in regional tournaments for bikini athletes.

She began to enjoy success in 2015. That year, Sommer won two Bikini Teen and D-Class Bikini titles at the Colorado State National Championships. She also reached 16th place in the US Championship. Sumer began documenting her fitness trip on Instagram in 2016, posting photos and videos for her lifestyle and exercises. The community responded to the bodybuilding of its publications, following large numbers.

That continued in 2017, with its figures pushing it to become the most popular fitness girl on Instagram. She also runs a channel on YouTube where she shares her routine blog in fitness.

Michelle Lewin

Fitness Girls

Michelle Lewin is one of the most famous fitness girls in the Instagram list. Michelle was born in 1986 in Maracay, Venezuela. She was a Playboy cover model.

Her typical career began on the catwalk, but she decided to move to a bikini fashion show at the suggestion of a friend. She liked the physical aspect of bikini modeling, so she chose to spend some time doing gymnastics and sculpting her body. She raised her weight from 95 lbs. to 120 lbs. of lean muscle.

At this point, she discovered that model requests were starting to flow from fitness magazines and add-ons. She entered a variety of IFBB and NPC competitions in 2013 and 2014, won the Fort Lauderdale NPC in 2013 and finished second in the NPC Southern States 2013. Her exercises are crucial for her as well as a healthy diet. It is considered that the most important exercises are the enemy race, stabs and side heights. She believes in high intensity training that makes you sweat a lot.

She is sharing her training pictures with Instagram, hoping to motivate other women to lose weight and improve fitness. He also shares videos of his exercises on his YouTube channel.

Jen Selter

Fitness Girls

Jen Selter, a 24-year-old American, is famous for her fitness model and her public presence on social media. She was born in Long Island, New York in 1993. She grew up believing in the importance of an active lifestyle. The exercise began at the age of 15 years, and in a few years she had a well sculpted body, with abs and glutes.

Jan worked in two part-time jobs at the school. One day, she spent time working in a gym to post an online photo of herself in a bikini. The photo went viral, Jan gained fame overnight.

Since then, she has continued to train and develop his strong follow-up in social networks, sharing photos and videos of his physical lifestyle.

She appeared in television programs as a fitness trainer, offering lessons to viewers.

As a result of its success, many agreements have been concluded to make public statements and endorsements. She has released books and fitness videos. Some companies he has worked with include Circus Fitness, Nike, Lululemon and New Balance. She signed up with the old agency.

Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra is a 24-year-old fitness girl and a bodybuilder from Colombia.

She began her career in designing and modeling fashion. At that time, she remained deliberately thin at the time, as this was the preferred physical image of the models, not the muscular constitution.

One day she met a personal trainer at the gym that changed her view of life. She gained interest in physical form and knew the human body and adopted new training methods. She especially liked weight training.

Their change of interests (and the muscle they built as a result) pushed them away from traditional models. She entered the bikini competition and won third place. As a result, she made a conscious professional change in the world of physical modeling. She have created a huge army of followers on Instagram, and have shared their physical progress with them and given them training courses to test themselves.

Julia Gilas

Julia Gilas is a personal trainer and fitness girl of Ukrainian origin. She go to the US In 2009, when she was 24 years old, she pursued her dream of being a model, and then got American citizenship.

Became a model and began to enjoy life as a model, including intense travel. However, it was discovered that through intensive travel, it was easy to neglect basic health and nutrition.

Julia decided she needed to change her life choices. She has made a conscious effort to live a healthy lifestyle. At this point, she decided to move to fitness modeling.

While still traveling around the world for fashion purposes, she does so taking into account health and fitness. She has built up her Instagram account, sharing exercise routines and health ideas with her followers.

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