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Fitness clubs provide their clients with the infrastructure for exercise and physical activity for membership fees.

Number of fitness club members worldwide by region from 2009 to the present (in millions).

Top 9 Fitness Clubs in the World

The fitness club is the place designed to shape your body and keep you in shape. The well-known fitness club today has a combination of clear exercises, a huge site, reasonable prices and many more. It is known that only in the United States there are more than 30,000 fitness clubs or health clubs, which demonstrates the fact that people are health conscious. This can be attributed to the point that many people realize that the most important feature of a fun life is exercise in the fitness club.

Bev Francis’s Powerhouse Gym

This special fitness club is suitable for a single dream to be a weight in Syosset, NY. The fitness club equipment here is characterized by a lot of fluctuations from the beginner to the professional level, as well as the kickboxing, boxing and wrestling area. Clients are privileged to receive training from experts such as Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Kai Greene on a daily basis. This fitness club has been named many times when you go to a weight-lifting place either at home or in New York. It is known that the affiliations in Bev Francis vary from short to long term with an unlimited use of C and are open all year for men and women.

Fitness clubs are an important part of every person’s life that arises from weakness and shapes their body. You can choose any of those described and you will find that the gym is equipped with all the equipment, huge space, experts who train well, etc.

Metroflex Gym

The Metroflex gym is located in Arlington, Texas, and is the second largest on the list that backs the timeless balls of the wall-type training environment. It is known that this configuration helped Mr. Olympia 8x to compete for some time. The fitness club was founded in 1987 by Dobson due to the lack of solid gyms and the restrictions of the sports gyms that facilitated the Metroflex to obtain the position of perfect power in each level. You can take advantage of the exercise, such as chalk dust, which travels through the dense air above, and the 100-pound strokes that come close to the ground, and the sounds of decisive victory show the least amount of groups in the corridors. It is known that customers can refuse their membership whenever they wish at any continuous cost.

Original Temple Gym

It all started in 1962 when Gym Temple, located in Birmingham first came into existence. 20 years after its founding, the young talents comes softly titled Dorian Yates (who currently owns the Sports Club temple) on its doors continuously to convert the estate – Birmingham, United Kingdom. This fitness club is an intensive program of special training for the weight, it is located in the basement, which demonstrates the confidence that customers from all stages of life recognize within the walls of any change of what they were optimistic about. The place is an old training school equipped with modern technology, so it is the perfect image of this region, which is due to its appearance and experience of such training enjoy your life in a solid installed cellular environment.

Firehouse Fitness Club

Firehouse Fitness club of Abilene, Texas, has dropped low in the middle of this list and has an area of 5000 square feet. Previously, the place was an empty fire station until the owners Pam Smith and Timothy saw a golden opportunity and jumped to renew it. The Firehouse gym is far from medium, with a 2,000-square-foot outdoor area with a mobile view of selected weightlifting and Cross Fit, Yoga and Zomba classes. This special gym is the best gym you’ve ever met, so you put it on the list.

Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness is located in Sydney, Australia, and focuses more on quality and, therefore, is on the list. This fitness club remains faithful to the fundamental values of 26 years of existence and during this trip helped to create an elite gym. This site occupies the luxury pieces of the training equipment that have been carefully selected by the Mets owners Anlene and Moor, and facilitates this site as a fresh air valve for the enthusiastic athletes who are weak. The place is fun with an area of 11,000 square feet where you will have to work with a variety of rewards, such as a healthy eating program and a child care center at no additional cost.

Quads Gym

Quads Gym is one of the famous gyms in Chicago, Illinois, which has a large number of members. The authorized weight lifting center called Ed Coan reminds you that this fitness club complies with the difficult training to shape your body. The gym is approximately 40,000 square feet, with 15 different coaches to accommodate more than 1,000 members, a sign of the severity of the quad, and apart from that, they have more equipment for training. To include cherries on top, this special gym has a membership fee that varies from a day to a year only, so Quads Gym is called flexible fitness.

Big Tex Gym

Big Tex Gym is one of the famous gyms located in Texas. Austin is considered special for many reasons. This gym has a dedicated room for power outlets, so users can really concentrate mentally and go wild without having to face major interruptions. Another interesting advantage is that this gym has space for users who prefer to exercise their exercises that provide privacy and comfort as well. It is known that there is even an external area for the tires and there is permission to change the music of the gym any way you want, which is called physical freedom at its highest level.


MizzouRec is located at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, and has more resources than the major gyms despite being a college student. Students benefit here from the discounts, but anyone in the area can use the gym without hesitation. It provides an entertaining sense of quality for all members of the university community, mostly Mizzou students. From award-winning services to nationally defined programs, the gym creates an environment that promotes a healthy and appropriate lifestyle. You can observe the repetition of the movement of the claws of the central claws, which leads to an unbeatable boxing, which achieves both aerobic development and anaerobic development.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is a series of international gyms (generally called gyms) in the United States that Joe Gold previously started in Venice Beach, California. The gym offers a wide range of group training lessons, exercise tools and personal trainers to help you get out of the clients. At this time, Gold’s Gym is the largest chain of gyms in the world with more than 700 locations, located in 37 states in Washington DC and also in 20 different countries. It is known that Gold’s Gym has a membership of more than 3.5 million, distributed evenly among male and female clients. This fitness club has gone from being an institution to a big chain, but the main location that many want is the place in Venice, California.

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