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Fitness Celebrity

Figure objects, fitness celebrity must be attractive and healthy-looking, with exquisite skin, shiny hair and a beautiful smile. Unlike fashion models, fitness celebrity must have a commercial and commercial aspect that attracts a wide range of customers and consumers.

Fitness celebrities have revealed exactly what it takes to survive in great shape. Based on your training procedures, it is not easy.

Jenelle Salazar

Fitness Celebrity

Jenelle Salazar is a fitness celebrity. Jenelle Salazar is a unique character. Her videos mainly focus on providing information to her fans about Jenelle’s unique and unique exercises on her own. Obviously her exercise is effective, because otherwise, she will not have 576,000 followers in her profile on Instagram. Just looking at her definition of abs shows that she is serious in her exercises.

Her recommended exercises are strength training (through weightlifting and full body exercise), as well as kickboxing. Judging by its size and definition, it is clear that Jenelle maintains a clean diet, but tries to maintain a large amount of protein in her training days. For the best gains of muscle, you can try using whey protein or, if you want to save money, you can consume protein from animal sources (such as sardines, chicken, eggs).

Massy Arias

Fitness Celebrity

Massy Arias is a fitness celebrity. Massey Arias is known for many things. She is known for her quotes and titles that she gives to the photos on her account on the intramgram, and she is known for her positive attitude. She is a certified personal trainer with a large number of followers on social networking sites: 2.1 million followers to be exact. This is more than some countries as a population.

Eat a variety of foods: Given their images in Instagram, she clearly eat a Paleo-based diet, with many animal proteins (such as chicken breasts, pork slices and eggs), as well as a large amount of vegetables. Of green leaves and rice. Eating healthy carbohydrates is very important if she want to get enough muscle gains. Massey also published pictures of mushrooms and other similar foods.

Rachel Brathen

Fitness Celebrity

Rachel Brathen is a fitness celebrity.  Rachel Brathen is a different kind of superhero physique. she does not like high intensity interval training sessions with weight lifting like other girls on the day list. Rachel is a world renowned yoga teacher. She is clearly excellent in her job and knows how to capture images worthy of social media, so she currently has more than 2 million followers in her account on Instagram.

Rachel does not believe in labels, so she no longer describes herself as “vegetarian”. “It’s still a vegetarian diet,” she says. “I do not eat meat or eggs and I do not drink milk.” She believes that labeling you will only limit her choices and progress in the future, which she does not like to do when it comes to her health. Now eat a diet that depends on whole foods, many fruits and vegetables, and some whole grains like quinoa and barley.

Aurora Lauzeral

Fitness Celebrity

Aurora Lauzeral is a fitness celebrity. Compared to other celebrities who appeared in today’s story, Aurora is a certified personal trainer and bodybuilder in French. As you can see in her picture, she has a very enviable body and a radiant smile, positive and amazing. Many of the photos and videos are based on the actual situation at Instagram, which now has more than 579,000 followers and grows daily.

For a warm feeling, Aurora likes to complete 5 minutes of jogging. She also likes to vary her routine, so she does not stay stuck in the same training schedule.

Kayla Itsines

Fitness Celebrity

Kayla Itsines is a fitness celebrity and an Australian fitness model. Australia seems to have many more celebrities than other countries in the world. Anyway, Kayla is a certified physical trainer, she has almost a cult in social networking, from more than 6 million followers, and this is the highlight of everything yet. Many of her fans swear by the “Body Guide in Peking” that has helped thousands of people.

Try not to follow any of the diets, but follow a special diet of healthy foods. One of his recommendations includes boiled eggs, avocados and tomatoes for breakfast. For sandwiches, you can get strawberries and creamy loaf, which can be made with 160 grams of strawberries, 250 ml of low-fat milk, 150 grams of low-fat yogurt and 1 tablespoon of protein powder, where appropriate, with vanilla flavor.

Stephanie Buckland

Stephanie Buckland is a fitness celebrity. Stephanie Buckland is a broken fitness model like Hathaway. She grew up in southern Oregon and best described her childhood as modest because at the age of fifteen she already had four jobs and learned at home. Buckland was always physically active, doing activities such as running, windsurfing and playing football. Her diet was clean at that time, and she ate most of the vegetables that her mother grew and played the meat that his father was chasing.

In the long run, this has affected his health because she has not consumed enough carbohydrate for her very active lifestyle. Later, she began to eat properly and got a much better shape. Her training is very strict, six days a week, a strict diet also. Breakfast consists mainly of eggs followed by fish or chicken breasts, fruit and protein powder. Her advice to anyone wanting to look like her is “If you want something, work to get it.”

Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway is a fitness celebrity and an entrepreneur who has emerged thanks to social networking. Instagram has collected from 4 million and over 5.5 million “likes” on Facebook. She grew up in Minnesota and was physically active since she was a child. She wanted to pursue a career in athletics and physical modeling. Her life took a turn when he participated in the fitness program and ended up winning second place.

Beige starts the morning with one bean burrito and one avocado, or vegetable protein juice (usually hemp protein). She eats lots of good carbohydrates, such as those found in rice, sweet potatoes and oatmeal. Vegetables are always on the list, usually in the form of extrusion power. Fish is also a very important part of your diet as a source of protein. Are pescetarian (someone who eats only fish or other seafood, but not other animal flesh).

Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho is a fitness celebrity. Cassey Ho has a positive relationship with the body. The positive body movement is teaching people to love and accept their bodies for what they are, and this is because people believe they can progress more in life only after they have accepted themselves. Cassey is also a certified fitness trainer and pilates fan. Her account on Instagram is fully exploding, and she currently has more than 1.3 million followers.

For health and fitness, Casey seems to follow the general advice: she tries to maintain a clean diet (eating fruits, vegetables, and clean sources of protein and fat) while exercising every week. As for the exercises, she says it’s important not to burn them, which is easy especially if you are a beginner. Compound exercises are the best bet to build a healthy body.

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