Emily Schromm says Diet is the key to Success

Denver, a personal trainer Emily Schromm, recently chosen by Health magazine, is a tall, tanned and immersed toned Star, with a strong confidence and confidence that is a winning combination in the crossover competitions that determine its evaluation. The muscles of her legs are called “quadzillas”. Look at her neck and shoulders: she has a trapezoid that lasts for weeks.

She is always ready for coffee, which she takes black with a small butter made from cow’s milk nourished grass. As a defender of the paleo diet, “butter-fed herbs” in her coffee is the only dairy product she allows herself. For Schromm, paleo is part of a fitness philosophy that covers fat, avoids carbohydrates and calculates calories.

Someone suggested Paleo’s diet to Schromm, and told him that he could treat the problems of acne and stomach that she had suffered since childhood. Remove the grains and other carbohydrates and cleanse his acne and problems in his stomach have disappeared. She now calls herself strongly insured, although it has been very difficult to eliminate things that have always been said to be a necessary part of a healthy diet. “When I saw the effects on my body, which also contained very clear ideas, there are no more mutations and drops of energy, and I cannot express my feelings in general and emotionally,” she says. “I think when we cut calories or when we think we eat healthy and do not have, we play emotionally and feel depressed and suspicious, especially women.” I firmly believe that these roots are rooted in the food we eat. “

“I’m healthier physically and mentally too,” says Schromm. Your diet contains about 55 percent of fat from sources such as avocado, avocado oil, grass butter, bacon, walnut butter, tahini, red meat, salmon, poultry, coconut, coconut oil and milk. Have chosen a minimum of non-hormone-treated foods.

Schromm believes that her food philosophy helped her be selected for The Next Fitness Star. “They liked my approach to nutrition because it was different,” she says. “When you eat man-made foods and stop thinking about low-calorie fats and start eating real foods, you are already putting your body in a healthier state, not only because of weight loss or immediate results but also for long-term health.”

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