Drew Barrymore publishes a diet for weight loss and is easy to relate to

Drew Barrymore has an urgent need for pizza.

On Monday, Drew published an Instagram image of a piece of pizza behind the glass with a written text: “In an emergency, break the glass.” Drew subtitled the image: “This is my feeling in my diet now!”

Drew has a diet for a few months. In December, star diet Santa Claretta, 43, revealed that she lost 25 pounds of diet and exercise (offering a special cry to Marnie Alton, the founder of Barry Bell).

“You can say that my face is much thinner,” he wrote. “This takes me a lot of work!” Exercise, exercise and fight like a lion so! Fuck, hereditary! However, thank you for all the goodies. ” I love where you come from (JOHN ETHEL LIONEL) and any package containing … I just know that I have control over what I want, even if FA is hard! “

Drew Dev puts in action. Instead of celebrating New Year’s Eve, I reached the 305 Fitness class. “I got 305 at the end of the year because I’m too old to go to the discos,” he wrote on the Intergram website.

Drew also published a video in recognition of Instagram’s “Guru” for her Kimberley Snyder, the author of a new book, Recipes for a Perfectly Perfect Life. “It’s Gandhi, genius and a great heart,” Drew wrote. “If you want to learn about everything, from digestion to inner peace, they are your girl, you have naturally cured me of many diseases, is the real situation.”

This is not the first time Drew has directed Snyder to guide him. In 2017, Drew lost 20 pounds, according to Us Weekly, and gave Snyder credit for taking them there. “I feel very good,” he said. “I followed Kimberley Snyder’s methods, but I added some proteins like fish and chicken because they were vegetarian or vegetarian, I was very disciplined and all I did was cry and dream about pizza. I still dream and cry about pizza.”

Now, we now know about Drew: two things for sure: a girl is a rock star when it comes to losing weight, and she definitely has something for the pizza (the same thing, Drew, same thing).

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