The nutritionist at Connor McGregor should be the one who can advise you on how to reduce cravings for sugar. Named George Lockhart, a nutritionist who advises the best athletes about what they can and cannot eat.

That is why when it comes to giving up sugar habit once and for all, it makes sense to believe that it is a man you trust. Many resources raise a dubious claim that white matter is more addictive than cocaine in all aspects and it is very difficult to stop smoking. But the answer to fighting food has the answer, in the simple brown form of cinnamon.

George explained: “It’s kind of like catch-22 because the type of sugar craves sugar.” “The more sugar you consume, the more sugar you want, the more times you will, if you are not hungry, you will taste something like a small piece of candy … It will be like” Yes, I want more. “” It is like eternal thirst. “For us, it is strange to believe that the innocent food we played at the back of the cupboards in our store could be the key to say goodbye to white things, once and for all.

He simply recommends adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to a little water, enjoying it and feeling your appetite. It seems unlikely, but it seems that this is how the cravings for sugar should go. According to George, cinnamon helps regulate insulin levels, making them “flatline”, meaning you are less likely to reach sweet things than when they are released everywhere.

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