Coach of Kate Upton reveals her typical training!

Kate Upton is an “idiot in the gym,” according to her coach Ben Bruno. “Teach Kate hard,” tells Bruno PEOPLE. “Your workouts are not for the faint of heart!” She really works at it, and is super motivated. “The 23-year-old model looks slimmer and toned than ever before, but his new structure does not come without hard work. Upton works 5-6 days a week for at least one hour each time the typical exercise begins with warm-up: rolling and stretching the foam, walking with side bands (walking from one side to another with a resistance bar around the knees) and stabbing.

Bruno then introduces her to circuit-based power training, where Upton performs a series of three or four movements to strengthen muscles without rest between them. After each series, have a short rest period and then repeat the cycle. Circles can include movements such as heavy hip payments (Upton uses 200 lbs!), TRX Rows, Roman foot in one leg, and Sierra body for basic stability. Because it conducts endless movement cycles, circuit training also provides a cardiovascular component.

“He focuses on power, but he hits two birds with one stone,” Bruno says. The training ends with conditioning exercises, such as pulling, stretching, skating and kayaking. Even when Upton travels to work, make sure to keep them together with her exercises. “We have travel training that we can do with a small team at a gym in the hotel and exercise,” Bruno said. “When you travel, you’ll come with Valslides and mini strips with it, and I have exercises to do it.” Another key component of your personality is your diet. “She is much disciplined with her diet,” Bruno says. “It does not infect the diet, it does not fast or clean, it’s just a very healthy and sensitive diet, it restricts sugar, gets protein with every meal, reduces alcohol consumption and hunger.”

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